Our portfolio of projects include Residential, Commercial and Government installations. Some of our application notes are as follows. 

1_sentosa Sentosa Cove [ Panasonic FP2 ]

1_Trillium The Trillium [ Panasonic FP2 ] 

1_MAS MAS Hanger [ Panasonic FP2 ]

1_Carabele Carabelle 

OneJervois One Jervois

1_MVC Mid Valley City

1_PGN PGN Surabaya

1_Queenstown Queenstown Sub-Station

1_Cantonment Cantonment Primary School 

1_Robinson 112 Robinson

1_Lighthouse Lighthouse

RiversideRiverside Secondary School [ Panasonic FP2 ]

Woodlands SSWoodlands Secondary School [ Omron CJ1W ]

Dunman HSDunman High School [ Panasonic FPG ]