IP2-CAN-RTU - PLC controller for Cable Replacement System. Tens of kilometers of Interlocking cables can be collapsed to mere few hundreds of meters of network cable. Simple to use. No programming required. 

IP-Alert Panel - Condition Monitoring System. Web Server that enables a person to view the status of the control panel via Internet. Cost effective solution for monitoring of equipment with 24 hours supervisory ability. Key features offered are :-
  • HTML webpage display
  • Email alers for Alarm conditions (Trip, High Temperature, High Humidity)
  • Events and Data Logging
  • Remote monitoring and control
MV Panels PLC Local Control Panels for MV Fans and Firemen Remote Panel of commercial and industrial buildings. Cable Replacement System with embedded PLC controller. 
  • Automates Local Control Panel with PLC controller
  • Reducing the use of discrete electrical parts
  • More compact and energy efficient Local Control Panels 
  • 2-Wire Modbus RS485 Network for communication between main FRP and Local Control Panels
IA-FCU2 - Local Control Panel for Server Room air conditioning system. Web-enabled, equipped with IA-Alert Web Server Controller with 24 hours supervisory capability.

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