VP-2FCU-EMAIL in Workshop With Energy Meter 

General Descriptions
This is VP-2FCU-EMAIL setup in IPanel's workshop for purpose of Factory Acceptance Testing. System setup is as illustrated below, with Wifi connection from VP Control Panel to Workshop Router (Huawei B68L-25) for access to Internet. Please note that sometimes the Control Panel could be off-line. 

Some featurs of the VP-2FCU-EMAIL control panel includes the following -- Alarm and Data Logging (eg. Temperature, Humidity and Energy Consumption), Automatic Email Alerts (eg. High Temperature, Fire Alarm), Web page monitoring and Remote access via One Drive. 


Follow below instructions to monitor the VP-2FCU-EMAIL Control Panel in Workshop using Email/ One Drive. Or, Shortcuts to download current CSV logs for Temperature/ RH/ Power and Alarms

The Energy Meter monitroing the mains incoming supply to Aircon units is located at the DB board and is connected to the VP-2FCU-EMAIL control panel via RS485 Modbus RTU network.